About the author

Hi, I’m Ian Truscott

I’m passionate about how we provide remarkable digital experiences that will engage customers through the fog of digital disruption that every contemporary marketer faces today.

2014-Tahzoo-Ian-020Today I work with a bunch of smart guys at Tahzoo, a customer experience agency.

We provide strategic advice and technology services that help our customers with the tools, the marketing disciplines and business best practices these organizations need to create these experiences.

Organizations that are facing an explosion in demand for content and yet marketers are having to find ways to get attention and compete with consumers content shock.

All the while those same marketers are finding that 90% of their content isn’t useful to sales and if I can be so bold as to trample over the old William Lever (or John Wanamaker) quote I’d like to suggest that:


marketers know 90% of content isn’t working, they just don’t know which 90%


My focus is on leveraging my 15 years of content industry experience to help our customers navigate through these disrupted content channels and orchestrate their content strategy; the foundation for their content marketing and digital customer experience programs.

From understanding the audience, discovering the customer journey and the business objectives, alongside the Tahzoo team, I can help organizations to build an efficient content factory (the people, processes and tools) that can feed this insatiable appetite for the right, relevant, impactful and yes persuasive content to tell their story.

You can read a bit more about my views on content strategy in an article I wrote for LinkedIn Today.

You can also read more about me, my other writing and some videos of me talking over on my personal blog. 


Portrait photo by Mark Finkenstaedt.