Hello again to Persuasive Content

I’ve decided to resurrect the old URL and Persuasive Content moniker for this blog as I am intending to write more about content again.

(As you may have noticed the last few years this URL simply redirected to my personal blog iantruscott.me). 

There is a good reason for that as I move from being marketing practitioner for a technology vendor, to being an advisor and practice lead for a digital agency (Tahzoo) and I will spending more time thinking about content management, strategy and marketing best practices.

I started my blog as Persuasive Content back in 2008, back then it was a term that was coined by Forrester and in digging through my old writing, it’s just as relevant today. In fact, I’ve used a mildly updated version of a post I wrote in 2008 as the description of the blog and I was quite surprised by how it still holds up to day – pretty much unchanged.

On reflecting back, what has definitely changed since I started I first used the term on this blog is a maturity of what it means to be a content management professional, the disciplines within the general content practice have certainly solidified and we are now able to define and more importantly value the different moving parts of an organizations publishing business.

So, to use the modern parlance, I’ve given this blog the tagline as being “at the intersection of content marketing and content strategy” as this is where I intend this blog to be.

Like any modern marketer, I know you wouldn’t be satisfied by my gut feel, so l looked for some data.

The Google Trends report below crudely makes that point – as since 2008 the conversation (if I can be so bold as to interpret Google searches as ‘conversation’) has moved from being dominated by the blanket “content management” term to being slightly more nuanced, as content marketing and strategy take a bigger share.




Right there is something else that has changed since 2008; the available data – we now recognize that tools like Google Trends are crude.

One of the core tenants of persuasive content is to understand who it’s for, back in 2008 most people were talking about web analytics, today we view this is as slightly backward looking as we are now able to leverage social and customer big data to build personas that are not just a marketers wild and often aspirational guess, but that reveal themselves from the data.

At this point I could continue to digress into the discipline of digital customer experience – but for now, there we have it, I’m resurrecting the old Persuasive Content monicker, I think it’s relevant and I hope to write more and that you will find it useful….



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